Cerulean is derived from the Latin word for Heaven. The color of the clear blue skies where the Greek gods lived became known as Cerulean. Often used in painting for the purity of its hues, it is also the color of the summer sky above our vineyards perched 1000 feet over the Columbia River.

We feel that good wine is an integral part of a good life. Wine is meant to be paired with food and shared over a leisurely lunch with friends or an animated, lively dinner with family. Wine is a social event. It creates bonds between people – think lunch on the Seine in Paris, or a dinner in Rome. This is wine’s roots, its history. This is why wine endures over time as the drink of choice whenever friends and family gather to share a meal, and it’s why we make our wine to be paired with food. Whether you’re grilling steaks at the Fourth of July or roasting chicken for Sunday dinner, or just having pizza on a Friday night, Cerulean Skies wines are made with the right balance of acids and fruit to complement and enhance your food and, hopefully, your life.

Cerulean Wine Bar & Bistro combines natural and organic dishes with local natural wines, craft cocktails, and local Water Avenue Coffee. Try our organic breakfast sandwiches, salads and sandwiches at lunch, or our grass-fed hangar steak and wild salmon for dinner. We're open late, so have a drink after the show.

Cerulean is a unique space in the Pearl, as it blends an old-world cafe and bistro with a modern art gallery and artist studio space. Come sip coffee or a cocktail, work on your novel or have a business meeting, and be inspired by the artists working in our space. The feel is reminiscent of the Parisian salons of the 1920s. Come alone, or with a large group of friends for a night out. Feel free to make Cerulean your own (slightly larger) home away from home. We have an outdoor deck and kids are welcome.

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