The making of wine on the land surrounding Vicchiomaggio is an ancient tradition and the present estate owners, John and Paola, are very keen on preserving it.

Various winemaking processes are undertaken at Vicchiomaggio, from the traditional to the most innovative ones, and they are all closely supervised by John and Paola.

To obtain high quality wines, all the vineyards are strictly classified according to typology and exposure and each wine is labelled after the name of its original vineyard.

Wines of Villa Vallemaggiore

The Matta family, purchased Villa Vallemaggiore in 2001. It is located in the Maremma area of Southern Tuscany. In full view of the sea (7 km) the villa Vallemaggiore estate is one of the very few in Maremma that can legitimately claim to be a truly coastal.
Thanks to its most privileged position near the sea, the micro climate that prevails at Vallemaggiore is very different to the rest of Maremma. Practically permanent sea breezes maintain the soil dry, keep the foliage of the vines in perfect condition and ensure that the whole area is well ventilated, even during hottest summer days.
The soil at Vallemaggiore is sandy with a good quantity of clay basically stone free, important details that contribute to the unique style and flavours of the wines.
The estate grows mainly Sangiovese which is particularly suited to the soil and micro climate of Vallemaggiore, together with some Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.

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