Hand-built on a dream, fueled by passion and driven to excellence, Cassel Brewery is the long standing vision of Mario Bourgeois along with long time friends and co-owners Benjamin Bercier and Michel Racine. The craft brewing train started running as most do with home brewing from scratch using Mario’s own unique recipes and his home made brewing system.

It didn’t take long until the passion to brew amazing craft beer turned into a runaway train with each brew and the dream to later become a commercial microbrewery in Casselman. The Cassel Brewery train is driven by an amazing and dedicated team of family and friends that help make Cassel a truly local passion. No detail was overlooked in making Cassel a part of the community much like the railway has been for so long, the train used in our logo design is actually the exact train that ran through the Casselman railroad tracks right in Mario’s own backyard. We proudly live where we work, our soon to be expanded brewery is nestled directly parallel to the railroad where you still feel the power of the train as it rumbles along the tracks.

Fueled by our love for brewing high quality beers, we source the best ingredients and an unrelenting spirit to create some of what we believe to be truly unique, tasty beers. We’re so proud of what we’ve built, our train is on the right track and we don’t plan to slowing down…Cassel Brewery…Hop on!

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