"Aglianico”, one of Italy’s oldest vines, is grown in the homeland of the Latin poet Horace, who recommended “not to plant any tree before planting the sacred vine”(Ode to Varus). The peculiar pedoclimatic conditions of this area (a soil of volcanic origin), the position of the vineyards (approx. 500 mt a.s.l.), the harsh winters and warm summers, with a considerable temperature range between day and night, are the reasons for the body, the complexity, the strength and the remarkable intensity of the scents of this wine. The D’Angelo winery, whose name has been identified with the Aglianico wine for approximately a century, represents for Basilicata the history of this wine. Rocco and Erminia D’Angelo sons of Lucio keep focusing their efforts on the constant improvement of the quality of their products, which start first of all in the constant improvement of the quality of their approx. 40 ha of winery-owned vineyards.

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