Casa Bianchi, a well known winery recognized for its excellent wines, started to pay special attention on a market that appealed more and more followers: sparkling wines. During their many overseas trips, Mr Enzo and Valentín, his son, realized that these wines were becoming very popular, mainly in Europe. In 1994, after many considerations by the Board of Directors, they decided to create a new product, a Sparkling Wine called New Age. The design was done by Sergio Pérez Fernández. The search: a completely different and original label, aimed at women and young people. After more than 20 designs with diverse characteristics and a long discussion, the final one was approved, highlighting at the back the fire of youth, represented by flames. In the center, the name of the new product: NEW AGE, which means NEW GENERATION. The most outstanding feature is the shape of a woman at the back of the bottle, a unique concept regarding graphic design. This original product was launched on November, 1995. Since the launching was so successful in the market, the Board of Directors decided to present NEW AGE in all kinds of events, principally in tourism resorts.

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