Leonardo da Vinci Winery was founded in 1961 when thirty small winegrowers decided to combine forces in order to share their passion for winemaking and the costs of building a single cellar to produce wine from the red and white grapes in this territory. When the winery was founded in Vinci, in the Chianti winegrowing area in the heart of Tuscany, it only consisted of 70 hectares of vineyards. Over the last fifty years the cooperative has expanded enormously. Today it has approximately 750 hectares which also extend into the territory of Siena. The winery, which started up in Vinci, birthplace of the genius Leonardo, and where it still has its headquarters, has now spread as far as the area of Montalcino.

In 1990 it took over the Cantina di Montalcino including all its winegrowers and vineyards with the denomination of origin Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino labels. Leonardo da Vinci Winery is a cooperative, the nearly 200 partners of which share the objective of guaranteeing the highest quality of the grapes delivered to the winery. For this reason, the winery provides assistance with a team of technicians and agronomists who follow the activities of the winegrowers directly in situ throughout the season, offering suggestions and the right advice for achieving the preset quality objectives. It is precisely the quality the grapes that represents the parameter according to which the partners of Leonardo da Vinci Winery are paid. In fact, by improving the quality of the grapes the quality of the wine is improved.

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