Soft presses to get a sweet and precious must, small termo-controlled steel tanks to enhance and to preserve at its best the aromatic qualities of the wines, small autoclaves for the production of special and particular sparkling wines, last generation vinificators to extract intense colors and noble tannins by the red grapes, oak barriques to lend to the wines unique colors and features, and, last but not least, a modern line of bottling to capture all this. But all the efforts made in the cellar are only meant to side at the best what nature already donates in the vineyards.

Knowing that, some day...
I will venture into the land,
I will try to smell the scent
and imagine it dissolved
into the anatomy of the wine.
I will listen to the wavy rustle
of the vine leaves,
hung in the air
as they protect
the bunches.
I will eat the substance of a grape,
knowing that some day it will become wine,
and I will look at it snaking its way up on the inner side of a glass
while it passes and shows
its uniform body,
a tidy body, refined while resting,
rocked by time,
left in the dark in the bed of a cask.
Awakening will be sweet and slow:
in a bottle
it will consecrate a blessing
that will never be lost,
because wine is the art of the sun, water,
land and people.
I will seek inside of them,
I will raise them in a crystal glass
and I will make a present of words
that will never let forget
the wisdom in wine.

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