Cantina Colli Morenici is located in Ponti sul Mincio, just south of Lake Garda.

Due to this fact The unique morphological structure of the terrain and the composition of the soil, as well as the micro-climate that exists around the lake is typically Mediterranean, rendering this land particularly well suited to viticulture.

The wines fom these hills are light and spirited wines, wines which should be drunk young and are well suited to the rich culinary tradition of the Po Valley. These are wines that encompass all of the features in the structure of the terrain from which they originate and effortlessly demonstrate the deep knowledge of the local vintners.

La Cantina Colli Morenici is a cooperative structure that has for years engaged in the production of quality wines, and are forthright bearers of traditions that abound in the morenici area. Adhering to a strict protocol of self-discipline and engaging in an ongoing program of modernization of its structure, La Cantina Colli Morenici has distinguished itself over time for its full range of local wines such as DOC Garda Colli Mantovani, the Garda DOC, the sparkling wines and organic wines.

Today the production of the cooperative is around 12-14,000 tons annually of wine.

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