In the heart of Agrigento’s countryside lie lands with an ancient viticultural history, where countless rows of vineyards draw scenic geometries in the landscape. These magic lands are the Lands of Nero d’Avola, and find their best expressions in the wines of CVA Canicattì.

Since 1969, over 480 vignerons united by their love for these lands have pooled their efforts in CVA Canicattì, a solid entrepreneurial project oriented towards the most demanding international markets. For over 40 years CVA Canicattì has been redefining the concept of viticultural quality, through important investments in technology and management. The work of every single vigneron is driven by a shared philosophy, and projected towards the valorisation of the agricultural and historical traits of one of Sicily’s most versed viticultural areas; the results of this passionate work can be found in every one of CVA Canicattì’s labels. The firm’s vignerons cultivate over 1000 ha of vineyards, each with unique pedoclimatic conditions and placed in a very prestigious historical and cultural context. The flag-bearer of this context is Diodoros: a wine which comes to life in a vineyard below the Temple of Juno, as part of a project for the valorisation of the Valley of the Temples’ historical vineyards, undertaken with the Authority for this archaeological site.


At the heart of an age-old Sicily, where the relationship between man and nature has created civilisation and history, CVA Canicattì has embarked on a new Wine-producing Project, which is founded on the distinct qualities of a unique and extraordinary land.

In the sunniest and driest part of the island, in an area which nestles up against the territories of Caltanissetta and Palermo and which stretches out to the coast of Agrigento, the cultivation of vines has long been an important part of the rural economy. From generation to generation, man has modelled this agrarian landscape, transformed difficult soils into fertile and productive land, where the toil of peasants working in the fields can be compared to that of the sulphur miners. Indeed, the mines are another element of this Sicily, part of the myth which Luigi Pirandello and Leonardo Sciascia, sons of Sicily, have recounted to the world. Today this cultural dimension belongs to the realm of history, having produced a fertile and imaginary landscape of huge emotional import but also a landscape of vocation and skill for a land which, owing to specific soil-and-climatic conditions, can indeed be said to represent the new frontier of quality wines on the island of Sicily.

CVA Canicattì has drawn on this history in seeking to be its modern and rigorous interpreter. Supported and invigorated by the dedicated membership of numerous small producers in the area,this winery has had the vision necessary for proposing a new concept of quality wines. It has smoothly integrated the traditions of wine-producing with technological and organisational innovation, both necessary for producing quality products and generating sales. The recent formulation of an investment plan has indicated the way forward with a Project aimed at reaching qualitative standards of wine-making excellence and enhancing the awareness of the unique aspects of these lands.

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