Founded in the late Nineteenth century, Casa Girelli is a historic Italian company that has made the art of winemaking its vocation. It has evolved over the past few decades to become one of the most important companies in our network. Casa Girelli markets its products in over 50 countries and possesses a wide portfolio of wines, including many quality products from different regions of Italy.


Each bottle of wine is the fruit of endless care and attention. All stages of production are meticulously monitored, starting with vineyard and grape selection, and vine-growing techniques. Only qualified experts carry out the harvesting, winemaking, refining and bottling, to ensure the highest quality of wines produced.

Casa Girelli's mission is to combine the knowledge of winemaking techniques, maintained over the years, with the most up-to-date innovations, in order to ensure carefully selected wines of guaranteed quality.


Casa Girelli has a know-how acquired through many years of experience in winemaking. The main elements are: speed, competence, care, research and the commitment to constantly improve. Casa Girelli's philosophy could be summarised: "Utmost attention to detail and constant research are key to achieving reliable superior quality in winemaking, with no compromise." This philosophy is applied to all stages of winemaking, from the vineyards to the wine cellar. Our team of oenotechnicians are constantly engaged in research in order to ensure superior quality wines.


The Casa Girelli's "vineyard" represents all of Italy, enhancing the quality of the most important wine growing regions by selecting the best vines of each area. Vines are often very old, expressing the typical characteristics of the grape variety and giving excellent quality wines. Casa Girelli's winemaking team works closely with carefully selected growers.

The cellar

Casa Girelli's headquarters are found in Trento. The Trento cellar has a capacity of 7.500.000 litres in tanks of various sizes and types, most of which are fitted with high-tech temperature control equipment to ensure optimum wine-storing conditions.

More than 2,000 barriques ensure the perfect ageing of the most prestigious wines. The winery laboratory is equipped with sophisticated technology and cutting-edge equipment. Every kind of wine control is carried out here, before and after bottling, to ensure that the wine maintains its structure and character over the years.

The bottling is carried out with the most modern quality methods. Casa Girelli wines are only bottled using cold sterile filtration techniques, the best way to maintain the wines' quality over time. This equipment, together with great organisation skills, enables Casa Girelli to provide an efficient and state-of-the-art production capacity, always meeting the growing demand of the market. All the stages of winemaking, from the vineyard to the bottling, are focused on reaching and maintaining an excellent quality, to obtain the best from every type of wine.

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