British Columbia, Canada is one of the most stunning places on earth. A unique, fertile land where you can enjoy the freshness of the mountains, the comfort of the forests, or the calming properties of countless lakes and rivers. With such thriving natural splendour, it is no surprise that BC happens to grow one of the most nutritious, versatile foods in the world: the small, powerful, beautiful blueberry. This “superfood” is no longer one of BC’s best-kept secrets.

Canada Berries is on a mission!

Our mission is to let everyone to know that British Columbia harvests the most exquisite blueberries you will find anywhere…and with our exclusive wine-making process, technical expertise, and commitment to craftsmanship, Canada Berries has created a selection of blueberry wines so impeccable, tourists are making return trips to BC just to have another taste

Grapes from the Okanagan Valley and Berries from Fraser Valley

Only our grape wines come from the Okanagan Valley, BC with all berry fruits coming directly from the Fraser Valley and our own blueberry farm.  Our award winning winemaker is committed to producing only the best fresh fruit and berry wines. This is evident in all our delicious, well balanced table and dessert wines. We invite you to visit our tasting room and retail store to experience for yourself.

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