Callister Brewing Co. is one of Vancouver’s newest breweries, launched July 9, 2015, founded by Christopher Lay and Diana McKenzie. Callister Brewing is the first of its kind in Canada and operates as a co-working brewery incubator, offering a unique opportunity to support independent, talented brewers. Callister aims to provide the foundation of an existing support and peer-learning network by creating accessibility to equipment and commercial facilities that allows professional brewers and homebrewers alike to grow their business and engage the craft beer community.

Callister is a collaborative brewery. Brewers sign on for a one-year period to join Callister Brewing and brew their own beers. Callister Brewing provides operating and retail space to new, local brewers to produce, package, and sell beer to the public in a low-risk environment while providing the foundation of an existing support and peer-learning network.

Joining Callister this year are Boombox Brewing, Real Cask Brewing and Lightheart Brewing.

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