The history of Villa Cafaggio 

The origins of the estate Villa Cafaggio date back to the sixth century.Historical records state that in the fifteenth century, the land was owned by the Benedictine monks of Siena that began to raise its production capacity oil and wine, while the first evidence of the existence of the estate come from some topographical maps dating back to 1565. 

The modernization of Villa Cafaggio began in 1967, with the purchase of the estate by the family Farkas, who begins to make interest-bearing fund replanting vineyards and olive groves and renovating both the basement and the other buildings on the property. 

In the early 70s, the focus is Restructuring of the vineyard St. Martin, where the first 20 hectares are replanted mainly with Sangiovese and hence one of the Super Tuscan company. 

In 1986 planted the first 4,000 vines of Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1991 and 1995 following additional plants that create the first vineyards for the production of the other Super Tuscan, the Cortaccio. 

In 1993 he began the collaboration between Casa Girelli and Farkas, and the common enthusiasm, coupled with valuable knowledge in specific areas, contribute positively to making wines of Villa Cafaggio known and appreciated worldwide. 

Since 2005 the property is under the control of Cantina La Vis and Cembra Valley that starts an investment program for a further increase product quality.

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