Raised in the American heartland on a small family farm, Bill Byington has pioneered his version of the American Dream. In 1950 at 26 years old, Bill founded Byington Steel Treating with $800 in hand and his wife, Mary, by his side. Now, half a century later, the Byingtons have brought their vision of a successful winery and destination point to fruition.

Bill left his family farm in Idaho as a young man to venture to California. After serving in World War II, Bill enrolled in a training college where he learned the trade of heat- treating. A risk taker with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bill established Byington Steel Treating.

Bill and Mary Byington, in 1958, purchased 95 mountainous acres surrounded by redwood forests as a family retreat. In the early 1970s, a well-known Santa Cruz Mountains winemaker approached the family, wanting to lease a portion of their land for vineyards. A keen wine collector, Bill was intrigued, and the seed for future vineyard cultivation was planted. Almost twenty years after leaving his family farm in Idaho, Bill returned to his farming roots and planted nine acres of pinot noir on the southernmost tip of the rugged Santa Cruz Mountains terrain. Byington Vineyard & Winery was established with its vintage 1987 release.

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