Before Brunswick Bierworks even opened its doors, it was already legendary. Built in 1891, the marvelous Brunswick Hotel stood on the North East corner of Winnipeg’s Rupert Avenue and Main Street. 

Though the building is now gone, the memories live on, especially in the mind of one of our founders. His family grew up in the iconic hotel and identified strongly with its salt-of-the-earth patrons, who were welcomed as if it was their home.

A prominent landmark in town and across from City Hall, The Brunswick boasted a barbershop, cigar & news stand, restaurant, pub and take-away bottle shop. It was a proudly-run family business focusing on service, diversity and local community. 

In the 1960’s, the hotel acted as a key contributor to the thriving Winnipeg rock music scene, famously embracing groups and ethnicities that other venues ignored.

The Brunswick was sold in 1973 and, sadly, was demolished soon after. The Brunswick Hotel may not have been fancy, but it was authentic and an anchor of the community.

It’s with this original spirit of community that Brunswick Bierworks welcomes our customers and brewer partners – to a friendly, accommodating atmosphere where people can check in, meet, have fun and stay awhile.

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