The last brewery to operate in The Bronx, Rheingold, stopped brewing here in the 1960's. In 2011, we set out to bring that great tradition back.

Armed with a little more than what we knew about beer at the time - Damian and Chris with his business development experience from years at Heineken - a small loan from family and friends, and an old Red Bull truck, we launced The Bronx Brewery.

The early days weren't glamorous. We couldn't afford to build a brewery big enough to match our production needs and no distributor wanted to work with a small start-up. So, we borrowed brewhouses wherever we could, took the subway around the city to share our story, and delivered all the kegs ourselves using that old truck.

In 2014, we opened the doors to our new brewery and tasting room in the South Bronx. Originally built in 1929, the 136th street facility was once an Ironworks showroom, a lace factory, a vending machine company, and finally and permanently, our home. We're proud to say that, now, brewing is back in The Bronx.

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