In 2007, Eric was sitting with friends in a Montreal brew pub when he fell in love with the idea of combining good craft beer and food while having a great time.  It felt awesome being surrounded by wonderful company and he didn’t want this feeling to end.

While searching for companies that could help him bring his idea to Ottawa, he found Specialiste Acier Inoxydable (in Boisbriand, Québec) who designs and builds microbrewery/brew pub equipment. After several discussions with them and without any doubt, Eric purchased a brew kettle, mash tun and grant.  Unfortunately in the midst of finalizing financing for the remaining equipment, a terrible personal tragedy took precedence that delayed the process and put the whole brewery idea on a hiatus.  Add a career, life and mortgage to the mix and the equipment sat in his garage collecting dust, awaiting its true purpose of actually producing beer.

Fast forward to 2013, when Eric got tired of staring at empty brewing equipment every time he opened his garage. The idea needed to be reborn so he decided to lease a location for his emerging controls business with the intent of eventually using it for brewing.

Originally, the microbrewery was to be a one-person effort but this time around Eric needed a helping hand to get it up and running, so he approached his friends and colleagues and together they started the Broken Stick Brewing Company (BSBC).

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