The T.G. Bright & Company Ltd can trace its roots back to 1874 when Thomas Bright and F.A. Shirriff founded the Niagara Falls Wine Company in Toronto. In 1911 moved to Niagara Falls and and incorporated 1911 as T.G. Bright & Company Ltd.

Brights today is a brand label owned by Constellation Brands, Inc. a leading international producer and marketer of beverage alcohol brands. Brights wines are made at other wineries owned by Constellations. Until the summer of 2012 they operated under Vincor Canada ( In Canada)

Brights is the second oldest continuously operating winery in Canada, having been founded in 1874 by a pair of lumber merchants, Thomas Bright and Francis A. Shirriff. The Original name was Niagara Falls Wine Co. The winery had steadily grown in size until in the 1920s its 4,000,000 gallon capacity made it the largest winery in the British Empire and one of the largest in the world. Contributing to its growth were the Prohibition years of 1916 to 1927 when Ontario wines were the only legal alcoholic beverages.


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