Childhood friends and long-time cider makers, Chris Noll and Adam Gerrits are the founders of Brickworks Ciderhouse.

After growing up together in the small town of Aurora, Ontario, they moved to London, Ontario to pursue their post-secondary education. It was here that Chris and Adam first began experimenting with brewing their own beer, wine, and of course, cider.

In the years since, they have remained close friends and experienced success in other industries, but always kept their passion for small-batch brewing and producing in their spare time, dreaming of one day having their own outfit.

In 2013 new dad Chris, and expecting dad Adam decided to take a leap of faith, leaving their careers, (with their wives’ permission of course) and turning their long time dream into a reality. Thus, Brickworks Ciderhouse was born.

Always putting quality and the environment first, Brickworks Ciderhouse prides itself in providing local, small-batch, premium craft ciders.

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