Located in historic Inglewood, we are Calgary's friendliest purveyor of fine wine, craft beer & spirits!

Bricks Wine Company is Calgary’s go to neighbourhood wine shop offering a carefully curated selection of wine, beer, and spirits. Here at Bricks, our goal is to make you feel good about spending your hard earned money on things you love, like wine (or beer, or sherry, or rum…). Oh, and fun. We want this to be fun.

Shopping for wine can be intimidating, there are so many things to think about. Are all Pinots created equal? (No – but we’ll help find the right one for you.) What pairs with fried chicken? (Champagne.) Does this Riesling make my butt look big? (Of course not. Unless that’s the look you’re going for. Then Yes!) Do real men drink Rosé? (Absolutely. Word on the street is Clint Eastwood starts each day with quiche and a glass of Tavel.) Our super knowledgeable staff is here to answer all your questions so please, ask away. And then hopefully when you get to the place where you will drink your drink, you’ll think of us and smile.

Bricks Wine Company came to fruition one evening when a friend of ours shared his recent wine shopping experience. Our fun loving friend, knowing very little about wine but eager to learn and more than happy to purchase a couple bottles, left the shop empty handed after wandering the aisles without once being offered help or a friendly suggestion. Well that just made us so gosh darn angry – buying wine is supposed to be fun – that we decided to open our own shop dedicated to the enjoyment of learning about and purchasing wine!

When you walk into Bricks, expect a friendly smile, a warm greeting, and an opportunity to wander the shop, free to ask questions and taste some great wine while you do it. Our staff are always learning, tasting and finding new products to share with our customers. To be honest, we think about our customers a lot. Everything, from our staff, our thoughtfully curated selection of wine, beer and spirits, the music we play, the tastings we hold, it has all been done with you in mind.

And we have to say, Calgary is a pretty rad city and Inglewood is a pretty sweet place to call home. The sense of community has truly inspired us, from the family run vineyards whose wines line our shelves and the YYC crafted brews in our fridge to the smattering of recipes donated by some of the city’s most badass chefs, our focus is and always will be on community, sustainability and pure enjoyment. We have been known to take a walk on the wild side and are more than happy to share our weird and wonderful finds with you but we also appreciate the classics and understand that trends come and go. But there is one thing that never goes out of style – FUN. 

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