The Brew Shop is a local specialty beer store serving the greater DC area with an eye towards all things brew, including beer, wine, homebrew supplies, and locally roasted prepackaged coffee.  We are Arlington’s first great beer store – locally owned and operated and with an emphasis on stocking local products, we are a beer destination for drinkers and brewers, pros and novices.

Meet Julie and Beth:  Craft beer lovers, wine guzzlers, homebrewers, and the very best of friends.  Our story actually begins in the litigation accounting world (think lawyers, giant documents, and papercuts) where we spent days and nights together, wearing business casual clothing and pouring over spreadsheets while eating takeout food.  A couple of Midwest transplants, we were natural enemies (Julie being from Michigan, Beth being from Ohio) – until we bonded over homebrewing in our backyards.  Homebrewing led to brewery tours, led to regularly scheduled wine nights, led to weekly searches for new beer, led to drinking bubbly while dreaming of a truly unique brew space in Arlington.  After a decade in accounting, we got the wild idea that we should jump head first into the local beer community by opening our own shop.  With a dedication to the craft of beer and wine, we have built our store with a focus on inspired beer and brewing, accessible wine, and community partnership.  Come let us help you discover your next great brew.

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