There’s no kitchen here but we have a roster of Food Trucks serving goodies just about every night. Order outside & bring it inside to eat. Easy peasy. Our brewing philosophy is also very straight forward. We like to experiment, not take ourselves too seriously and constantly try new things. The result is a busy, ever-changing chalkboard, full of choices showcasing a mixture of tried & true “dangerously drinkable” beers, Nanosized experiments & lesser-known styles from all over Europe & North America.

We have no grand plans to take over the world. For now, we have very limited distribution outside of the Brewery. No bottles. Just a handful of kegs. *Growlers* to go from our retail store & beers to stay in our on-site tasting room. We keep the batches really small, which in turn keeps the beer just about as fresh as a daisy! We’d like to point out too, it's not ‘cause we’re precious, or because we’re trying to be fuss pots. It’s just so that we can have as many options as possible at the Brewery for those who make the journey to Main & 6th. (NOTE: We just started sending beer to our big sister restaurant, the Alibi Room). That’s not to say we won’t have kegs & bottles in the future. As our production capabilities increase, we may end up being able to expand distribution a little. Baby steps though, baby steps.

All you need to know about the founders of Brassneck is that we love beer. Sure, everybody who starts a brewery claims they just “lurvs beer”, but honestly, for reals, we’re in love. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

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