Our farming origins drive us to brew beers which are closer to nature and forged by our identity.

Our beers therefore symbolize our love for authenticity and the good things in life. 

Founded in 2007 by Louis Hébert and his wife Marie-Eve Seguin, after three years planning, training and learning in Europe, La Chouape has since become known for the quality of its products and its national and international prizes. Our work takes us into three very different, but complementary spheres: agriculture, brewing and managing a beer bar.

La Chouap stems from a peasant tradition, the proud symbold of a family of master grain growers.

This knowledge was shared from generation to generation well before our family settled in the Lac St-Jean region, on the shores of the Ashuapmushuan River, in 1881. Our brewery name honors this river.

Our bond with the fields keeps us close to the heart of beer’s origins every day. These fields are, after all, where all of our ingredients grow. And the farmer behind each pint of beer is the person responsible for harvesting beer’s main ingredients: cereals. Our farm therefore represents a major supplier towards the creation of our beers.

Our beers are thus faithful to nature; we brew beer like it was brewed on farms a lont time ago: with fresh, quality ingredients and without chemical adjuncts, clarifying agents, etc.

All of our beers are refermented in the bottle in order to give them natural carbonation. We use the same method as Champagne, save for the fact that we don’t take the yeast out of the bottle after it has done its work. This method, more complex than artificially-carbonated beer, increases the time necessary to making finished beer. But it also brings a unique flavor profile and texture, on top of helping towards the product’s better keeping. Most of these beers we make are available year-round, but we also brew seasonal or occasional creations which allow us to develop new techniques and, of course, to have even more fun.

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