The Beauty of Blends™


The fun here was in creating a signature style—aromatic, yet fresh—for a totally new brand, and at the same time, demonstrating how good Long Island wines can be. The name is catchy, the packaging fresh and contemporary, and the taste is delicious! Bouké and Bouquet wines are a pleasure for all the senses – the eye, the nose, and of course, the taste buds.

With the growing green movement, professional and home chefs have been focusing more on local food and artisanal products. This interest has expanded to local wine. Both New Yorkers and tourists are now seeking New York wines. They have been receiving greater press attention and acceptance at both restaurants and fine wine shops. New York wines offer an alternate to the warmer climate Calfiornia style - they are cooler climate, aromatic, food-friendly, medium-bodied wines with crisp acidity and without heavy oak. 


Our goals are to create wines that people will enjoy and look for, to produce blends with an appealing sequence of aromas and flavors, to preserve the fruit aromas and freshness of the grapes, and to emphasize the volume and mouthfeel of the wines.

We take great pride in our research and work to refine our blends and make great wine. From France, we inherit tradition and experience. From America, we inherit the freedom to create something new from our locally grown grape varietals.

The Bouké and Bouquet wine experience begins with monitoring the grape quality in the vineyard, discussing pruning, and sampling the maturity of the grapes to determine an optimum picking date. We start with high-quality grapes from trusted sources, where we have full knowledge of the quality and age of their vines, grapes, vineyard practices and management.

We combine traditional winemaking with top-of-the-line equipment and technology. Our wines are produced at a state-of-the-art custom crush facility in Mattituck with a complete array of crush pads, tank room, barrel room, equipment and laboratory analysis. The facility has a professional cellar staff and laboratory services. Every lot has its own tanks and barrels. We carefully monitor grapes from start to finished wines, and taste and discuss the merits each blend all year.

We believe that our careful attention to details and adherence to a house style showcases the best of New York terroir with the time-honored traditions of French quality.


The North Fork of Long Island is a young, up-and-coming wine region, less than 40 years old. Vineyards planted since the 1990s have reaped the benefit of modern agriculture research and professional management. 

The North Fork has an excellent climate and superb terroir for growing grapes. Temperatures are moderated by surrounding water and sea breezes that aerate the vineyards. There is a long growing season, about 3300 growing degree days and 200-220 frost-free days. Light, well-drained soil is composed of Riverhead sandy and Haven loam. Most grapes are hand-harvested on small vineyard sites.

Differences in vintages add nuance and interest to the wines. The vintages are influenced by rainfall. Generally, the North Fork has a relatively mild winter, cold rain and bud break in the spring after frost, humid summers accompanied by cooling sea breezes, and a mild autumn. The result: wines with personality and verve.

North Fork of L.I. wines offer delicate fruitiness, charming flavors and soft tannins that contribute to a pleasing mouthfeel. The whites are fresh, fruity, food friendly, elegant and bright, with crisp minerality and mouth-watering acidity. The reds have dark ripe fruit aromas balanced by refreshing acidity, moderate alcohol and ripe tannins, and are not over-extracted.


Blending is an art—an act of expression and creation. We select the varietals in the blends to play different roles in the composition of the wine. In addition to influencing fragrance and taste, some grapes enhance a wine’s structure—the balance and sequence of flavors in the mouth— while others impart body and roundness.

We blend wines to produce an appealing diversity of perfumes and flavors. We take care to select the right varietals, harvested at the right levels of ripeness. Savvy blending creates complex, intriguing wines. Our blends include these varietals, which evoke particular flavors when grown in Long Island’s maritime climate:

Chardonnay (featured in the Bouké White blend and Bouquet White Dessert Wine) gives appealing scents of orange blossom, clementine, and even orange confit not found elsewhere.

Pinot Gris (featured in the Bouké White blend) is an early-ripening variety that exudes particularly rich aromas of exotic fruit, including pineapple, lychee, and passion fruit.

Merlot (featured in the Bouké Rosé and Bouké Red blends) offers fantastic dark-fruit aromas and flavors. Think blackberry, blueberry and black currant, with soft tannins that make for a smooth and luscious feeling in the mouth.

Cabernet Franc (featured in the Bouké Red blend and Bouquet Cabernet Franc) is rich with cherry, currant, liquorice and herbal flavors. With Long Island’s sandy soil, this varietal’s tannins are less aggressive and take less time to soften, for earlier drinking.

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