The rich history of Bosman Family Vineyards is a testament to the family’s commitment to people, the land, and of course, the art of wine-making. Lelienfontein, home of Bosman Family Vineyards was originally issued to French Huguenot, Philip de Royan in 1699.  The first generation of the Bosman family arrived on the farm in 1798.

The family’s first ancestor, Hermanus Bosman, was a sieketrooster (caregiver) who worked in the Cape and played a central role in community development and social upliftment. Bosman lived by the motto of the family crest: ‘faith, hope and love.’ His progressive thinking, desire to help his fellow man, and deep respect for the harmony of nature informed everything he did, and shaped the both the future of the farm and the generations who followed.

The Bosman family produced wine on the estate up until 1957, when the family turned their focus to their vine nursery. In 2007, 8th generation, Petrus Bosman, returned to the long-held family dream and released the first wines from their newly renovated 260-year-old cellar. Today, the descendants of Hermanus Bosman are proud custodians of both his land and his legacy, devoted to responsible, handcrafted winemaking.

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