I suppose you could say it's a truly Canadian story - hockey, friendship and beer. From the ice rink to the brewery, Bomber Brewing is the shared dream of three friends with a passion for playing hockey and savouring good beer.   We drafted a team, combined our skills, and in February of 2014, we launched one of the newest micro-breweries to hit the Vancouver scene.

The bench of the Bombers Hockey Club was where it all started, with Chief Operating Officer and power forward, Don Farion, Creative Director and defensive expert, Cam Andrews, and Head Brewer and blue line patrol, Blair Calibaba.

Farion, a Certified Cicerone and award-winning home brewer, brought 20 years experience in the hospitality industry and the know-how to build a successful business in Vancouver's competitive craft beer market.  With him came long-time business partner and now Bomber President, Dean Mallel - a true powerhouse and veteran in the industry.

Andrews brought 20 plus years experience in design and marketing, and even more time spent enjoying great beer.  Being a part of the brewery's growth has allowed Andrews the insight which has allowed Bomber to grow and connect authentically with its ever expanding and loyal fan base.

Head Brewer, Calibaba, has been honing his brewing skills for over 11 years, running the Ambleside Brewing Company and as a regular member of the staff at Dan's Homebrewing.  The Bomber post-game became a place to refine his craft and develop his notably balanced and approachable style.

This style is not only the basis of our beer, but of our brand as a whole.  Accessibility and approachability have remained our goals from day one, hoping to share the beer we love with novices and connoisseurs alike.  With Operations Manager, Rachaal Steele, at the helm, Bomber has its sights set on becoming a household name, a go-to pick, and the preeminent Vancouver brewery.

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