Bog Iron Brewing is a small microbrewery located in Norton, Massachusetts. At the end of 2011, Bog Iron Brewing was formed. After just over a year of licensing, inspections, etc., our first beers were delivered to the public in early 2013.

Bog Iron was started, and is run, by three owners (Frank, Brian, and Matt).  Every drop of beer that we have produced has been brewed by one of the owners, on our own equipment, on the premises and we have no intention of changing that any time soon.

Frank and Brian both started homebrewing over 20 years ago.  Matt, who’s a bit younger, has been brewing for over 13 years.  The three met as members of the South Shore Brew Club, became friends, and as the joke goes…  were just crazy enough to start a brewery.

In early 2013, we began brewing on a 1.5bbl system in an area of 399 sq feet… which represented our entire operation at the time.  As time went by, we quickly took on additional chunks of space and now operate both a 3 bbl brew house in our original space as well as a new 15 bbl brew house in our expanded space, which now totals approximately 8,500 sq ft.  We added a small “full pour” tap room in 2014 which features flights, full pints, growler fills and bottle sales.  We’ve tried to manage our growth in a measured and consistent manner, with no investors and no material debt and are currently looking to move into significantly larger space, as we’ve outgrown our current footprint.

We currently brew over 25 different beers that are not strictly bound by style guidelines.  While some of our beers are dead-center representations of a given style (Dunkelweizen or Campout Mild). We have others that are simply inventions of our own and don’t mirror any given style at all (Comet Line or 40 Days in Dusseldorf).   We trust our palates when it comes to a beer that simply tastes great vs. whether or not it is simply a great representation of a given style. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

A quick note on the name… whenever folks ask us what the name of the brewery is and we say, “Bog Iron”, they inevitably say, “Huh??”. We wanted a name that would have some sort of local tie and sounded kind of rugged (I have no real explanation why we wanted that). Frank was looking through some old pictures in the online archives of a certain college that is located about two hundred yards from us and he came across a picture of an iron foundry that was built right down the road from us (it is still there), I believe in the early 1700’s. What did they smelt in this foundry? You guessed it, “bog iron.” It was apparently dredged from the local lakes, ponds, and bogs. Out of what felt like 4.5 million possible names, Frank and Matt loved “Bog Iron.” While Brian whined and moaned (I still don’t like the name), Matt and Frank out-voted him and Bog Iron Brewing was born.

Look for our beers and give them a try if you come across them. Drop us a line and say hello or provide a suggestion. If you want, swing by, say “hi” and try some samples at the brewery. If the flag is out, we’re there!

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