Alión, whose name refers to the area of León where the patriarch of the Álvarez family was born, is located just 15 kilometres from the headquarters and in a very similar location, between the River Duero and the Valladolid to Soria highway, near to Ribera's winemaking capital, Peñafiel. Even though the early vintages of this wine were made at the Vega Sicilia facilities, a new philosophy was applied to a wine that could not just be the "junior partner" of the great legendry wine, but it had to be able to stand in its own right and showcase the virtues of the terroirs, climate and varieties typical of the Ribera del Duero. This new winery would embark on its winemaking career with the 1993 harvest with a production cap of 350,000 bottles. This figure ranged according to the possibilities offered by the characteristics of each vintage. 1996, when 310,000 bottles were produced, which would be the nearest figure, thanks to the outstanding grape harvest that year and to new areas of the vineyards coming into production. Grapes from those plantations, as an indisputable quality standard of the house, could not be used for any of the estate's wine until those areas had been in production for ten years. In principle, the venture was already underway and with excellent results. Yet, there was no longer the belief that everything had been done which led to "becoming a victim of one's own success" in this sector and at that time, when Spanish wine began to stand out for its quality in an increasingly more global world. They were aware of this at Alión and the wineries were redeveloped in the year 2000. Following on from the excellent results obtained at Vega Sicilia with fermentation in oak tanks, the decision was made to take this practice to Alión as well, and the results began to be seen with the 2001 harvest. After this innovation to the fermentation tanks, the refurbishment work continued in the winery with extensions being built.

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