Many people are asking themselves what is the secret of the success of Bodegas Viña Magaña, because in 35 years it has become an institution in Navarra. Its great wines, its achivements, its philosophy of quality and service and its challenges give us the answers. A modern concept but at the same time elaborating in the old way. We realize a real adventure with the adaptation of new varieties a perfect mixture between wine and a perfect vinification. And of course the way of working in its measured and justified for the wine growing in the oak. The wine revolution in Navarra has got a name ... Bodegas Viña Magaña. 

Bodegas Viña Magaña started with the dream of creating a new, different and surprising wine. They set out of a soil nobody believed in: poor, arid but rich in minerals. They introduced new vines from best producing areas in France which were not authorized in those times. Today they own one of the oldest vine stocks. 

Bodegas Viña Magaña managed to get more than 100 ha vineyard in the last 30 years. You can find 900 to 1000 French oak barrels in their cellars. 

For the elaboration of this wine we dispose of very modern installations, created by the famous architect from Navarra, Rafael Moneo. 

His trades, Viña Magaña, Barón de Magaña, Dignus, Torcas and at least Calchetas, are presents in the commercial offer, and in the high restoration in more than 30 countries, and we have been choosen in the table of Real House of Spain, airlines companies like Iberia in his caterings, or persons so important like Dalai Lama, or Miguel Indurain. 

Bodegas Viña Magaña received the award as "Bodega Ilustre 1986" from the Order of Good Wine, in 1995 as an acknowledgement for their good job and contribution of quality improvement of wines by the Someliers Club of Navarre and the "Golden Award for the Best Wine" for their brand Viña Magaña, which was handed over at the celebration of the VIII Gran Mesón of Spanish Wine.

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