In 2003 the face of Artevino, the Antón family, expanded into Toro, well aware of the region’s future potential. After selecting different vineyards, they made the first vintage of Vetus, a wine designed to keep the region’s essence but with new nuances and goals.

The wine’s success encouraged them to set up an estate in the heart of the region and to build a bodega which was opened in 2008.

The estate is divided into three vineyards of different ages, each in different surroundings. This makes for individual attention being given to each vine and, accompanied by a careful vinification of each parcel, lends more nuances and complexity to the wine.

The vines are planted at the limits of what the weather will permit; the wide variations between daytime and nighttime temperatures during their growth period provide intense aromas and flavours. The local climate is considered to be especially hard.

Exhaustive vineyard management leads to low yields; and sustainable agriculture seeks to bring out the regional and soil characteristics of the estate in the grapes. Research into the grape variety and its surroundings gives insight into how best to care for the vines.

This research also led to the discovery of a small plot of ungrafted pre-phylloxera vines. The plot, called Camparrón, expresses the essence of Tinta de Toro and is used to make Celsus, in limited quantities.

The bodega’s design is modern and balanced, consisting of three buildings, each in harmony with the others. Each building houses a different winemaking process.

The vats are all equipped for automatic double pumping; the sizes of which are tailor-made for vinifying each parcel separately. Celsus is made in a vat which is narrower than most and pumping-over is carried out by hand in order to bring out its qualities to the greatest possible extent.

Vetus is stored in 400 French and American oak barrels in a peaceful and attractive barrel-ageing building, before being bottled in the last building. The visitors’ building facing the bodega has a terrace from which the magnificent estate and its beautiful surroundings can be seen.

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