This surprising range of wines is the fruit of the fifth generation of winemakers. Jesús and Ana Martínez Bujanda, after getting to know and studying other appellations of origin and wine-making regions around the world, brought their knowledge and concerns to the family business, creating a new style of Rioja wines. These are modern wines, very personal whilst each is very distinctive. Wines that are the result of a thorough selection process and work on unique plots of land in the Rioja region. The basis of these wines always consists of Rioja grape varieties, in many cases forgotten or neglected because of their complexity and the work required to cultivate them and make wine from them. The Graciano and Maturana single-variety wines are those that particularly stand out, the result of rigorous clonal selection of varieties that had all but disappeared from La Rioja. Today there are 6 wines in this range: Inspiración Valdemar Selección, Inspiración Valdemar Edición Limitada, Inspiración Valdemar Maturana , Inspiración Valdemar Graciano, Inspiración Valdemar Tempranillo Blanco and Inspiración Valdemar Las Canteras, exclusively harvested from the Las Canteras vineyard where there is a perfect combination of elegant, expressive Tempranillo grapes with the strength and complexity of Graciano grapes with a strong aromatic intensity. In Inspiración Valdemar, work continues day after day selecting varieties and plots of land and researching the most suitable wine-making methods for each grape variety, enabling us to continue offering new Inspiración Valdemar wines in the coming future, capable of surprising our customers whilst they enjoy our wine. The Inspiración Valdemar facilities are located on the same site as Conde Valdemar whilst being completely differentiated from them. The harvest from the previously selected micro-plots is manual and the grapes are transported to the winery in small crates. The daily harvest is stored in a cold store, which means we are able to vat the grapes at the exact temperature required and thus ensure perfect fermentation to obtain enhanced extraction of flavours and a more stable colour. The selection table guarantees that only grapes in perfect condition enter the winery. The wine-making building consists of: Small vats between 8,000 and 15,000 litres, which permit us to carry out fully controlled fermentation, separating the grapes by minority varieties and micro-plots. Vats for micro-fermentation, with less than 1,000 litre capacity for tests and trials.

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