CASA MONTE PÍO is a family winery with the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas. It is located in Ribadumia, within the subarea of Val do Salnés.

Established in 1979, it is the result of a work carried out by many generations, all of which were determined to make the most out of our vines, focusing primarily on working the vineyard while respecting the terroir.

The education, the transfer of knowledge and the advice of the elders are compatible with the experience and the career, in some cases innovative, of the new generations.

Since the harvest of 2014, Pablo Martínez has become our new oenologist and wine grower. He works full time taking care of the vineyards and the wine making process.

The secret of a good wine is always the ground. Our goal is both to make the most out of our products and to obtain the best grapes. Each harvest is different and we know that every vine is an individual in itself and that the earth is a living being.

Our wines are more than just a silky and shiny liquid that comes up every year. Each bottle contains the mystery of a land and its unique grapes; an inimitable light and aroma; an incomparable tradition.

Our wines are the result of the hallmarks of our history, where the ground and the grapes reach their uttermost expression.

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