Bodega Renacer was built in 2004 in Perdriel, Lujan de Cuyo, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. It is a fusion between classic and modern architecture: well defined, straight lines combine with Tuscan-inspired walls to provide a highly attractive and unique building.

Renacer is equipped with top of the line Italian technology: a total capacity of storage of 1.647.000 liters: 417.900 litros of stainless steel tanks, 1.229.100 of underground cement tanks sealed with epoxy for aging and computarized temperature control, and hundreds of French Oak Barrels for our premium wines.

The winery is also pioneer in the development of a precision viticulture, producing exceptional grapes that become in unique, magnificient wines.

We are committed to protect our Environment since the very beginning of our operations, and therefore we are constantly incorporating new technology in order to accomplish that goal.

In Bodega Renacer we believe that exceptional wine quality should not cost the Earth and we have built our operations around the principle of being one of the most environmentally friendly bottled wine brands you can get from Argentina. Following this principle, our "Punto Final Malbec" wine comes in an eco friendly bottle, with a lighter weight (15% less glass, reduced carbon emissions), and a recyclable carton case.

Renacer es the first winery in Argentina to use solar energy and it´s also the first to offset carbon emissions and certify Carbon Footprint.

We also store the water that flows from the Andes Mountains in natural ponds, and we provide the vines only with the water that they need and nothing more, thus maximizing its use. The used water is returned to the environment in its natural state, free of chemicals or foreign substances.

Our commitment to the environment takes place also in our offices. We use recycled materials in our boxes and avoid printing unnecesary documents.

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