Founded in Mendoza, the history of the winery dates back to 1800, where Don Juan de Dios Correas planted his first vines located at the foot of the Andes.

He also was also involved in the public life of the Province of Mendoza. He was director of the Cabildo de Mendoza in 1814, and one of the first governors, in 1824. He also had the opportunity to help the army of his friend, General San Martin.

Since the mid-nineteenth century, and for over a hundred years, the Correas family sold their grapes and wines from other producers in the region.

But it was Don Edmundo Navarro Correas, descendant of the Correas family, who decided to produce wines under his own name.

It was there that red wines, white and sparkling, under traditional methods (concrete vats, hydraulic presses and wooden casks to age wine) in the winery located at Rua Pedro Molina, in Maipú were developed. Mark traditional winery still in the market, such as Line Private Collection (with its iconic and unmistakable labels with artworks of great Argentine artists).

In 2002 and in order to increase the capacity of processing and storage of wines, it was decided to build a new winery. One of the challenges was to merge the premises of a winery in the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.

In May 2004, Navarro Correas inaugurates its new winery in Godoy Cruz. Surrounded by a park and fully integrated into its landscape. The whole building is based on a minimalist architecture, sober, reinforcing the features of the materials used.

Among the new spaces created a 800m2 Visitors Center, a Wine Bar, two tasting rooms, an exhibition hall and a reception stands.

Inside each bottle of our wines are stories of people of different generations. This unusual combination of belonging to the new world, but with the heritage and wisdom of the old world, knows his land, he opens a range of opportunities and ways that allows us to experience the art of making wine. In September 2009, opens the Finca Agrelo winery, located in one of the most exclusive wine regions of the country, focusing on the development of high-end lines. Here the Reserve, Allegory and Structura lines are drawn. Design decisions respond to environmental responsibility policy-driven winery: total water recycling, minimizing waste production and minimize energy use. 

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