Familia Arizu has been working in the national wine-producing industry for over 100 years. Currently led by its third and fourth generation, Bodega Luigi Bosca is one of the few wine-producing places that remains in the hands of the founding family throughout the decades, and has become the paradigm of the national wine. The pillars on which they have managed to consolidate their experience have been their international expansion, their prestige based on their know-how passed on over the years, and the constant and homogeneous quality of the wines, and a permanent search for excellence through innovation, dynamism, and state-of-the-art technology. Bodega Luigi Bosca is not only just one of the wine producing premises with the highest share in the local market of premium wines, but their labels are present in the five continents and it reaches more than 50 countries in the world. Today they produce 8 million bottles of wine out of which 60% is sold abroad, mainly in the United States, Canada and Brazil. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE ARGENTINE WINE In Argentina, wine is produced virtually since the foundation of its cities. The vines came from Europe together with the settlers and from México and Peru they were expanded throughout the entire continent until they reached our country. Grape plantations had grown until 1853 when the French agronomist Michel Aimé Pouget arrived in Argentina, thanks to the recommendation of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (president) to the governor of Mendoza, Pedro Pascual Segura. He brought the first European clones of vines (in the past they were criollos) and he led a reimplantation process of these strains in Cuyo while he created the first school of agriculture: Quinta Normal de Mendoza. Over time, viticulture became stronger and continued growing until the nineties when the qualitative improvement of the Argentine wines gained recognition at a global level, to such a degree that they are placed among the ones with the highest growth worldwide.

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