Making a Grand Blanc wine country Reds

In 1992, François and his brother arrived in Rueda order to produce sauvignon.Out of curiosity, they take the opportunity to make wine the local variety, Verdejo, in the same way.

This is a revolution. This variety traditionally prepared in a sherry style, oxidative, proves to give a remarkable and original wine was an immediate hit with consumers.

Soon the Verdejo will emerge as an alternative to the Albariño, Spain as for export. Then Wanting to give a red white wine to their partner, they begin in 1998 to vinify grapes from old vines purchased the neighboring DO: TORO.

The quality and strength of the resulting wine will encourage them to create another cellar. Then in early 2000, they bought land straddling Rueda and Toro, in the municipality of Villafranca de Duero and also implant a cellar where the two types of wines can be produced.

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