In 1883, Federico Benegas Lynch’s great grandfather founded “El Trapiche” winery. On that time, the province of Mendoza was facing an economic crisis due to the fact that wheat and alfalfa, that used to be source of income for this province, were already planted in other regions of the country. At the end of the 19th century there were between 500 and 2000 hectares of vines planted in Mendoza. Don Tiburcio Benegas had the vision of making of Mendoza a great producer of high quality wine for the world. He was not focused only in his personal project but encouraged other producers to apply modern techniques and he gave part the vines he brought from France to every viticulture who wanted to grow in the province. In this way Don Tiburcio became, together with Agoston Haraszthy in Carlifornia and Silvestre Ochagavia in Chile, pioneer of the wine industry of America.

In the 1970’s Argentina wine industry suffered a big economic crisis and on that time, the shareholders of the company Benegas Hnos., decided to sell everything by separate, the brand, the vineyards and the winery that was demolished and divided in lots for sale.

Federico was raised in the winery always close to his father who used to be winemaker in Trapiche. After the company was dissolved he moved to Buenos Aires, but his passion for Mendoza and for winemaking remained in his heart and it was in 1999 that he had the opportunity to re buy Finca Libertad, an old vineyard that was planted by Don Tiburcio and that became the axis for his new project that was to produce only high end wines, the Benegas wines. Two years later he bought a very antique winery which he restored completely following the architecture of 19th Century and incorporating the latest technology.

In the year 2000 started the first harvest of Benegas wines.

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