Nice to meet you here:) My name is Claartje and I'm the founder and host of the Blend and Bottled wine studio. As a so-called wine professional I have the privilege to share my knowledge, love and passion for wine with you. WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Level 3* certified and with many years of experience in the wine industry, it's my biggest pleasure to welcome you to share a beautiful wine journey together through one of the tasting events I organize.

The love for wine is flowing through my veins yet for a little while. I grew up in a family where wine was part of the daily life. I remember so clearly that when my parents came home from work, they settled down at our wooden kitchen table, a bottle of wine was uncorked and while enjoying a glass or two they were chatting about how their day was. As a child, I beheld that as the summit of coziness and it were those moments that made wine synonym for joy and happiness to me. Sharing good times and good sips in good company. 

Obviously that is the deeper philosophy behind Blend and Bottled. My enormous wooden (kitchen!) table in the studio reflects those childhood memories and emotions so well. And I'm very pleased to invite you in my 'home' to have a seat, relax and to experience and learn about wine in a personal, warm and comfortable ambiance. Let's swirl, sip and swallow some of my favorite grapey juices together and let's take it all in with awareness. Because after all, wine really is one of the most enjoyable ingredients in life!

I look forward to meet you one day.



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