Established in 1964 the Black Repertory Group Theater (BRG) exists as the forebearing theatrical griot group of its kind in the nation. The BRG has a history of providing access to the dramatic arts for under-privileged, under-served, and minority populations through its ability to draw crowds from local churches, schools, civic organizations, and the community at large.

Our #1 goal continues to be “Keepers Of The Culture”, by promoting and preserving our theatrical arts. By utilizing our theater stage and its related functions, we provide a platform to build self-esteem and pride within our participants, audience and community.​​

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As a Non-Profit 501(c)(3), BRG uses amateur community people as actors and actresses, directors and technicians in a variety of stage productions which have won national and international acclaim. 


Participants receive no stipends or monetary awards. The primary rewards are psychic and human, providing therapeutic improvements in the morale of participants, both individually and collectively.


BRG Board, Staff and Volunteers, continue to work diligently to provide you with quality presentations that embrace, uplift and showcase our evolving culture.

We invite you to celebrate what we have accomplished; a variety of Productions, Programs and Services that provide people of all race, creed, colors and orientations with a chance to learn and rediscover our diaspora's cultural heritage.

The BRG is used to train people in a variety of artistic and practical skills. These include drama, music, dance, art training, classes in carpentry, costume & set design, media and film workshops.

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