Wines of the Heart

The wines of Napa Valley’s Black Cat Vineyard are crafted, by hand, with a passion for perfection. They are wines of finesse, elegantly harmonious and complex. With uncompromising attention to detail and a very personal relationship with the vineyards, I guide each vintage until its distinctive personality blossoms.

My wines embody the refined character of each varietal, with nuanced layers and graceful balance. They are meant to enhance an experience, to elevate the enjoyment of food and camaraderie.

Each vintage begins as a blank canvas. As Winemaker, my role is simply to guide the wine toward full expression of its innate beauty. I carefully monitor every barrel, every week, and taste each one nearly as often. There’s no better way to get to know the essence of a wine. From cluster to barrel to bottle, I nurture each Black Cat Vineyard wine until it reveals its full potential.

My personal style reflects a dedication to uncompromising quality and finesse. Crafting a wine that displays the fully nuanced character of the grape, and its vineyard, gives me great joy.

All my wines are  hand-grown and hand-crafted, in very small quantities. It is my pleasure to share them with you.

Tracey Reichow 
Proprietor and Winemaker


Black Cat Vineyard wines begin with hand-selected fruit. The clusters are cold-soaked up to three days, to extract color and deepen the range of flavors. After de-stemming and gentle crushing, the grapes are moved into small, open-top fermenters. Fermentations are then carefully punched-down, by hand, two to three times daily.

The wines are aged in French oak barrels for 18-24 months and then aged in bottle for nearly a year before release. Racking and aging decisions are determined on a barrel-by-barrel basis, guided by the distinctive personality of the wine.

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