Marie Voisin approached us with the idea of putting a brewery in her newly acquired building, The Imperial. We were apprehensive as we were very busy working on our Kitchener craft brewery, Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. In the end we decided to move forward, and now here we are.


We, Robin Molloy, Certified Brewmaster and Lee Brooks, Special Education Teacher are the co-owners of Bitte Schön Brauhaus. We created this "boutique" brewery for four reasons:


1. We love Ontario Craft Beer

2. We believe that Ontario can, and needs to, get back to it's Pre-Prohibition status of having local, community based breweries.

3. We have lived in Germany, we love German culture and we are thrilled to focus on creating German style beers.

4. Marie is a wonderful person and we love her.


Lastly, we are in love with this building and so happy to be one of the new businesses making a home in The Imperial. We look forward to bringing our love of German beers to the Wilmot community.

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