Bier Brewery and Taproom is committed to the highest quality and best tasting bier in Indianapolis.  Each hand-crafted batch allows Bier to have the utmost control over the many variables that make up our awesomeness. The results have been deliciousand quite successful at various events around the state, country, and world.

When you first enter Bier Brewery and Taproom, you will immediately notice the delicious aroma that comes from brewing the best BIER in town.  You may also be promptly greeted by any lovable dog in our brewery.  We are dog friendly all hours of operation!

After you stop drooling from the smells and take in our ever-changing Bier board, belly right up to the bar.  Sometimes we get very busy, and you may even see multiple busses outside, and while we apologize if you have to wait, we promise to do our best to get you some awesomeness quickly.  You may have to get cozy with the BIER lovers next to you at the bar, but we have yet to see anyone bite.

If you know which styles you prefer, you can order your complimentary samples by name, but if you have never been in, we encourage you to ‘Go Down the Line’ and give all 9 of our on-tap styles a try.  If we are incredibly busy or doing a special event, sometimes we do have to limit free sampling.  Feel free to ask the friendly, knowledgeable staff behind the counter anything about our BIERs, we love talking BIER.

After you have sampled the BIERs, you can either get a 32 or 64oz carry out growler, or refill your own.  Daily, we have samples and pints served everyday with samples being limited during busier times.

We brew over 130 different delicious varieties of BIER and they switch every week, so come back often.  If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line.

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