In March of 1999 Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking Ltd. opened its doors at Newport Village in Port Moody.

Beyond The Grape quickly gained a reputation for excellence in service, wine making and its wine making experience. In December 2001 Beyond The Grape expanded to two locations by taking over a store on North Road in Burnaby and rebranding it with the Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking name.

Over the years Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking Ltd and its Staff (Sandra Croney – Owner, Michael Druce – Manager/Head Winemaker, Shelley Kenny - Assitant Vintner, Josh Amisano - Assistant Vintner) have worked hard at setting a high standard for the quality of product produced & service provided. These high standard have helped us win over 20 Medals at the 2007 & 2008 Winemaker Magazine International Amateur Winemaking Competitions and be a demonstration store for our wine kit supplier Winexpert. Our high standards also contributed to us being awarded at the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards the 2009/2010 Small Business of the Year.

We have tried to make the wine making experience a fun and enjoyable part of people’s lives. This has partly been achieved with the high quality equipment we use for the bottling process like the automatic bottle sanitizer, the four head automatic filler & the automatic corker that makes the process of bottling clean, quick, easy and enjoyable. The use of peel & stick labels which are produced on site have the option of customization for events like weddings, gifts, anniversaries, birthdays & just for the fun of it, has also sped up the bottling process. With using the Winexpert’s award winning wine kits and nomacorcs we are able to stand behind our product with the highest confidence. But the most important part of what makes Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking Ltd. an enjoyable place to make wine is we get to know you and provide you with highest level of customer service in our industry.

These standards have provided us with an ever growing business and in March 2009, Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking Ltd. took the next step in its evolution and combined the two locations into one outstanding location at 3030 St. Johns Street in Port Moody. This new location provides us the ability to provide even better service on many fronts, including more parking, more choice of oak barrel wines, and an even more enjoyable bottling experience to just name a few.

In the process of moving we co-branded our name with our supplier Winexpert and are now called Winexpert Beyond the Grape On-Premise Winemaking. We are the first Winexpert co-branded store in the province of BC and we will be their demonstration store. We remain the family business that everyone has enjoyed over the years. Sandra & Michael are happy to have Shelley & Josh help them continue to provide the outstanding service, product and experience that has made Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking Ltd. one of the best u-vins in Canada. 

With the growth of the craft beer scene in the greater Vancouver area, Beyond The Grape looked to capitalize on the growing number of local home brewers by, in 2014, launching home brewing supplies in the store. Carrying a full line of Malts (grains), hops and yeasts that home brewers would be happy to choose from. 

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