Betts & Scholl is a cooperative effort between Master Sommeler Richard Betts, Wine Director to all friends at the Little Nell in Aspen, and Dennis Scholl, contemporary art collector and joyous wine drinker, who typically finds himself either in Aspen or Miami Beach. Together, we have forged special relationships with star growers and winemakers from around the world to share in our project. 

This partnership is totally dedicated to making great wine as we see it, which is, ultimately, wine that we like to drink. No trophies, no wine for competition, just wine for the table - wine made to be enjoyed in the spirit of those wines that got Richard hooked on the whole deal in the first place. This is to say wine you can drink everyday - a grocery, if you will - something that is on the table at lunch, at dinner, in harmony with food, an essential part of the meal. This notion is fundamental to great living all over Europe, and it's one that we've brought back and live ourselves every day.

So we've chosen to make the good stuff! Our shared aesthetic spoke for elegant, complex, balanced wines of great perfume and finesse with the power to seduce. The object of our fancy is neither the obvious nor the forceful. Instead, it is those wines that transport: They taste only of the place from where they've come. Come take the trip.

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