Our Approach

"Let nature create the wonders, and we will work hard to support and enhance her efforts". 

At Beaver Creek, our sheep and goats graze and fertilize our vineyards while pure water brings life in to fertile soil. The micro-flora of the vineyards works harmoniously with the fauna, thus creating a complete circle. We harvest by hand, selecting only the best grapes for our wines. In the cellar, the winemaking process is completely natural, without any additives. Wines are aged in fifty percent new French, Hungarian and American oak. All wine is hand-crafted from beginning to end.

Our Story

It is very difficult to find one person who believes in biodynamic and organic agriculture and has the "know-how" of wine making process, yet at Beaver Creek we have been fortunate enough to bring together two such personalities: Martin and Joseph. Although each has a different background, they both share the common vision "to make the best and the healthiest wines in the world."

Beaver Creek Vineyards is located in Lake County, a truly unique corner of California. With the largest natural freshwater lake entirely in California, appropriately called Clear Lake, this county has been revered for centuries by the native populations of California, who prize the lake and its environs for their healing properties. Mount Konocti, an inactive volcano on the south shore of Clear Lake, gave the Lake County its volcanic soil and helped to create the area's lovely hills full of unspoiled vegetation and flora and its many hot springs, which have been long prized for their healing properties.

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