The Cameron Family Farms’ commitment to dynamic leadership in sustainable organic farming, and to health for people and the planet, is at the heart of everything we do at Beaufort.

PROPRIETORS James Cameron and Suzy Amis Cameron purchased Beaufort Winery in early 2014.

 “We’re excited to build on the strong foundation that Jeff and Susan created with their award winning family of unique wines.  This is our first foray into winemaking and we’re getting to start at a high level.  Our goal is simply to maintain the quality and the creativity, while growing local awareness of these excellent wines.  What better way for us to become a part of the community here in the Comox Valley, and the Vancouver Island area, than to offer world-class wines at affordable prices to our new friends and neighbours?”


For building soil and balancing fertility in the vineyard, we’ve been trialing a host of cover crops for our composting program with a view to finding ones best suited to our coastal climate.  We use different mulches in the vineyard for building organic material and weed suppression.  Biochar has been added to sandy areas to improve moisture holding capacity, increase carbon levels, and create a good environment for healthy soil microbiology.  We’ll continue to explore and use innovative and sustainable growing practices for our grapes and other crops and we believe this is the foundation for bringing the very best wine to your glass. Our vineyard is certified ‘In Transition to Organic’ with PACS. Full Organic Certification expected in 2019.

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