Here at Bauer Meats we have skilled meat processors, and certified sausage makers, with a premium value processing service.

…We offer a personal touch, a very clean environment and a full line of custom services:

We offer retail sales of beef, pork, bison, and elk, and we have some of the most tender steaks you’ll ever sample.

We offer slaughter, complete cutting and wrapping, value added processing, such as sausage and more. Wild Game is also processed and we welcome your request, see our wild game page.

We can cut and wrap your beef exactly the way you like it, want those steaks just a little thicker, no problem. We are a custom cutting and processing facility, provincially inspected, yet we are a family operation, so we can accommodate your requirements.

When it comes to purchasing some quality meat for your family, we feel we offer some of the best value you can find. It’s fresh, and it’s tender.  Full of Flavour, you have got to try our ribs, we know they will be the best ribs that you’ll ever experience.

We encourage you to create a package that works good for you! No more with the full freezer that takes you a year to eat, with some cuts that you will never use. We work with you to create a bundle that YOU want, a mixture of meats at a price point that suites you.

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