Today Imas Monastery has become not only the headquarters of Baron de Ley, it also plays host to some of their best wines. The restoration of the historic building rush in years 95 and 96, recreated with period furniture the golden age of the house in the late nineteenth century, when the Jimenez family owned the house and ran the farm.

The same can admire two distinct areas; on one hand the family quarters and other rooms occupied the farm workers in what were formerly the monks' cells.

Finally, the "cellar of the monastery" is the culmination of the tour of the building, occupying the former stables of the monastery; a spectacular fusion of ancient Benedictine tradition and the great wines of today. Up to six "foudres" French oak single bill and a beautiful and lattice bottle in rhyme dominate the room, where they sleep some of the greatest wines of Baron de Ley.

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