Like wine, traditions are timeless - stretching beyond the ages and uniting generations.

When we first arrived at the site of what is now Baldacci Family Vineyards nearly twenty years ago, we were entranced by the beauty of the Napa Valley and the timeless heritage of the Stag’s Leap District. The generations before us left a deep and abiding affinity for the land from which came not only from their livelihood, but their legacy. We knew then, as we still do today, that we could transfer that way of life to yet another generation and another long-lasting legacy.

Today we are privileged to work alongside not only our family, but some of the most talented individuals in the Napa Valley. Our expert vineyard management team carefully nurtures the vine growth, ensuring that the grapes reach their maximum potential to create concentrated flavours and excellent tannic structure.

All of our wines are produced with the careful attention from world-renowned winemaker, Rolando Herrera. We hope you will try our wines and experience the legacy we have been blessed to share with you.

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