“We wanted to build something from scratch”, “something gratifying”, “but we were afraid that vineyard ownership was out of our reach”.   The Brooks’ had no experience in farming or agriculture, but clung to the dream of starting a vineyard from the ground up.   Back 10 Cellars started with a big dream , pure will, gumption and determination. “This isn’t a generational family business”. “This entire vineyard was purchased by us, two twenty somethings ,who were willing to take the big leap of faith and put in the Blood , Sweat and Years to make their dream a reality.”  

It was on a cold January day that a realtor showed them a derelict 10 acre  propery in Beamsville, that they could barely afford.   “We will take it”, they said…and the rest is history.

We chose the name Back 10 Cellars because we bought this tiny 10 acre piece of land in the heart of wine country and it took us 10 years to make our first bottle of wine.  

Cheers to doing what you love!

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